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Parking Dilemmas
Multicar Parking Systems Help to Address Current and Prevent Future Parking DilemmasMany of the same parking issues that currently plague large cities in Asia are expected to eventually affect North America as populations continue to increase. The major issue is the number of vehicles being purchased is increasing at a rate that greatly dwarfs the rate at which parking spaces are being created. This is causing a parking crisis with an exceptionally large number of vehicles competing for a relatively low number of parking spaces. This crisis is expected to be further compounded by even more vehicles in use.
Multicar parking systems are successfully helping to alleviate some of the parking pressure in these highly populated cities by allowing many vehicles to park in a relatively small amount of space. These multiple level, above- ground parking solutions are well known in these countries for the instant significant increase in parking volume they can provide.
Observing the example of how the parking situation quickly got out of hand in Asia with increases of population has led to advanced efforts in North America to curb the trend while it is still relatively minimal and manageable. These types of multicar parking systems are becoming more common in larger cities in North America with implementations expected to significantly increase in the near future.
The Issues with Current Parking Methods
The easiest way to avoid a parking crisis in the future is to make an effort to increase the amount of parking spaces available at a rate reasonably consistent with the increase of vehicles. This ensures that future parking needs can be met with the least amount of hassle and frustration.
It is becoming much less economically feasible to implement a classic parking method (parking garage or a parking lot) to address parking needs due to:
  • Higher cost of land and the large amount of land required
  • High cost of the materials required to build
  • Relative parking inefficiency
  • Space wasted for walkways and stairways.
Parking lots are one of the most inefficient parking methods in use today. The raw amount of space required to park a minimal volume of vehicles results in high overhead in terms of space.
Parking garages are known to be able to handle large volumes of vehicles in typically less space than is required for a parking lot but they require many more materials and excavation. They also tend to waste space and are less efficient for parking than the newer, high-tech parking solutions.
The Solution to the Parking Dilemma
Multicar parking solutions offer significant benefits over parking garages and parking lots in terms of:
  • Parking efficiency
  • Materials required
  • Ease of implementation
  • Average cost per parking space.
The increases in efficiency are achieved by maximizing the use of vertical space. Vertical space is virtually unlimited and allows many vehicles to be parked in a relatively small area, in the most cost-efficient manner possible.
Multicar parking systems have already proven effective in helping to solve the parking issues in Asia and in other places around the world. North American implementations have already proven successful in many cities.
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